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Hello! Welcome to our Class One page! Our teachers are Mrs Philpotts and Mrs Twigg.

Mission Statement

At Burley Gate C of E Primary School pupils’ learning and achievement is our priority.

In Class One we aim to provide effective Early Years and KS1 education for all our pupils.  We nurture their curiosity and playfulness and encourage independence whilst inspiring them to learn more about the world in which they live.  Through our well planned and resourced curriculum, including both adult and child-initiated activities, we take the children’s learning forward, providing opportunities for each child to succeed in a secure environment where everyone’s contributions are valued.  Children develop confidence and self- esteem; they have fun and are eager to share in our learning experiences.


In the EYFS at Burley Gate C of E Primary School we seek to provide each pupil with the best possible start to their school career.

We aim to support and nurture the holistic development of each pupil by:

  • Recognising that all children are individuals
  • Providing a safe, secure and caring environment where children feel happy and know that they are valued.
  • Developing functional communication as appropriate to each pupil in order for them to learn to express their needs, wants and feelings.
  • Developing pupil’s understanding of social skills and positive behaviour expectations.
  • Providing quality, play based learning experiences which use the interests and curiosities of pupils in order to foster motivation to explore and learn.
  • Develop and encourage independence and choice making skills as appropriate to each pupil.
  • Providing a curriculum which takes account of, and responds to, the pupil’s developmental needs and allows them to make progress related to their differing abilities. “What the child can do” will be our starting point.
  • Ensuring pupils have positive experiences of success at their own levels in order to give them confidence and motivation for learning in the future.
  • Supporting pupils to achieve the five outcomes of Every Child Matters (ECM), staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.
  • Providing a broad, balanced, relevant and creative curriculum which promotes the ‘Early Learning Goals’.
  • Providing equal learning and development opportunities for all pupils.
  • Creating partnerships with parents to support and enhance the development of pupils.